Sunday, January 9, 2011

Government Project

Before Christmas break we completed our government unit in social studies. This has always been one of those units that I have a love/hate feeling towards. American Government has always been a very interesting topic to me, but I have found that it is a very difficult concept for students to grasp. I think that it is so abstract that students have a difficult time making connections to all of the concepts, and the vocabulary is very difficult for young student-there are some really big words for third graders in this unit!  It has taken me several years of experimenting with new activities and graphic organizers to finally feel like I can teach about government in a way that excites students, and I'm always looking for new fun ideas. One of my favorite culminating activities is the 3 Branches of Government Project. In this project I have my students a handout with step-by-step directions and the rubric I use to assess the projects, and then they complete a model of the project at home. My students really enjoyed the project this year, and I was so proud of everyone's completed projects.

Here is a link to my 3 Branches of Government Project.  It is sure to be a big hit!

3 Branches of Government Project

You can use this link to see all of my government lessons and activities.  There are several games, activities, and worksheets in the product.


OwlsinThird said...

Hello, I am also in Georgia and preparing a similar project for my students. I checked your TPT page but couldn't find this. I was more interested in the rubric that went with this.

Desire said...

I was unable to find these materials.

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