5 More Days!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe that I am down to my last five days of school.  This is such a bittersweet time, because I absolutely love my class and don’t want to let them go.  However, I cannot wait to sleep later, stay at home with my daughter, and have time to recharge and work on next year. I’ve actually already started working on next year my updating my place value unit and creating a little freebie for you!

Planning Already

I’ve given my place value unit a complete overhaul.  Before I taught the Common Core Standards, I was expected to teach through the ten-thousands place. Now that I’m teaching Common Core, I’ve revised everything so that place value is taught through the thousands place. I removed some of the color pages and replaced them with line art, because we all know how expensive printing in color can be. Plus, I added task cards to the pack, because I am now a huge fan of using task cards as often as possible! If you already have this, please be sure to download the new version, which is underneath “My Purchases”.

There seven skill building worksheets that focus on place value, the value of numbers, and representing numbers with written, expanded, and standard form.

There are also six place value performance tasks. I love these tasks, because I feel that they are what allow my students to develop a conceptual understanding of place value. They are perfect for the independent work time portion of my math workshop. You can see that I’ve included a lesson plan and any necessary recording sheets.
I’ve also included included one of my favorite games-I Have, Who Has. This is such a fun way to get students thinking about the value and place value of numbers!

I’ve added place value concentration to  file and you can download it on Google Docs. You can get it FREE here!



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