Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's Over!

It's official, school is out!!!  Well, we do have 5 inservice/professional learning days, but who's counting?  Those days are usually fun for me, because I love visiting with other teachers and actually being able to go out for lunch like a real grown-up.  I already have an ever increasing to-do list, but I'm not sure when I'll be motivated to get it started.

What's Your Favorite?
My school has recently purchased 20 ipads, and I was able to use them a little at the end of the year.  My students LOVED using the ipads, but there were very few apps for my class to work with since the school hasn't purchased many apps yet.  We are going to have to be fairly selective on the apps we buy to save money, so I'm looking for the very best apps out there.  I'd love to know what you think! 

Here are the ones that I'm most interested in:
ilive math
 Math Ninja
 Rocket Math


Ms.M said...

Congrats on the iPads. I am officially jealous. :)

I've heard there are quite a few free educational apps. I know that Brain Pop is one.

Ms. M
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Ashleigh said...

We have 20 for about 650 students, so we'll have to share:) But, it's a start.

Julie said...

I'm soooo jealous! I have until the 17th!! UGH!
Cool deal on the iPads! Let us know what you get and what you like.

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Terri Thornton said...

Where in Georgia do you teach? I am also in North Georgia. I teach in Madison County near Athens, GA. Right now I'm going to UGA for my Ed.S.

Talk to you soon,

Ashleigh said...

I teacher in Walker County, which is at the NW corner of the state. My school is actually about 10 miles from TN. One of our teachers used to teach in Madison County. She's a huge UGA fan. Good look with your Ed.S. I'm sure you'll be glad to get it over with!

~*~Ash~*~ said...

Check out Math Zombie-it's free and my kiddos love it.
Rocket Math is ok, but it has this screen that they can get to where they are
just launching rockets and not answering problems.... I JUST got an ipad for my classroom, so I will be looking for more games, too!
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