Sunday, May 29, 2011

Room for Improvement

Extreme Classroom Makeover

My third grade team had the wonderful idea to paint three of our classrooms during our inservice days this year.  I imagine that it has been about 20 years since our classrooms were last painted, and they looked awful!   One wall in my classroom was painted a mauve color that had faded and chipped off to show two other layers of paint, and the three walls were white and oh so dirty.  After we bought the paint, moved away furniture, taped off our rooms, scraped hot glue, and washed the walls, we got started.  Almost immediately I was officially dubbed as the worst painter ever!  I wasn't even allowed to touch the colored paint!  After 3 long days, we got the rooms finished, and they look amazing, but I have to admit that I hope it is a long, long time before we do that again.  I took lots of pictures to show off my new room.  Unfortunately, I dropped and broke my camera, but hopefully we'll get it fixed soon.

Multiplication Unit
I've been working on combining my multiplication lessons, activities, and worksheets into a complete unit, and I think I finally finished last night.   I didn't realize how much I had for multiplication until I started grouping everything together into categories!  It should be a big help for 3rd grade teachers especially for those states using the Common Core Standards, because I made sure to make the unit correlated the common core standards for 3rd grade.

Here is a link to the full unit.

There is a variety of hands-on lessons, word problems, and worksheets.  Here is a basic factoring worksheet that I use for extra practice.
 Factoring Worksheet From Unit


Amanda K. said...

EXCITING! We are going to be using the Common Core standards beginning in 2014 (I think) So our principal wants us to go ahead and begin anyways. (along with our state standards)I'm up for the challenge. ANYWAYS- I love this unit!


Third Grade Experience

Ashleigh said...

Thanks! We have a couple of years until we 100% implement too, but I'm trying to go ahead and merge our state standards and the Common Core together. I didn't see any big changes in multiplication.

Katie said...

Thanks for the factoring sheet. My 4th graders struggle with putting fractions in simplest form because they don't find all the factors. This will be a great way for them to practice!

Amber said...

Thank you for posting on my giveaway entry!!

I follow your blog, too! And good luck with that classroom makeover. :)

Amber said...

Just added another way for you to enter my giveaway, go check it out...

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