Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I've Learned

Life in Special Education is hosting a Linky Party on what I've learned this year.  It's been fun reading everyone's post on what lessons they've learned this year.

1.  There is a reason that flip flops are against the dress code.  I used to think that was a silly rule until I've had to deal with them breaking, causing students to strip, and having wood chips poke holes in the bottoms of the flip flops.  I never knew shoes could be such a headache.
2.  When a student returns to my room from the book fair with over $100 worth of books, double check with the librarian to make sure everything was paid for.
3.  How to find and pick out lice.  I never, ever wanted to learn this, but we don't have a nurse and the sweet girl didn't have anyone else to do it for her.
4.  Don't assume anything.  I've been shocked over and over again at the things my students didn't know that I thought was just common knowledge.
5.  Blogs are awesome!  I've learned so much already through the awesome blogs I've found, and I can't wait to find more.
6.  I cannot do it all.  There is just no way that I can do everything that I'm required to do.  I'm learning to do the best I can and let the rest go.
7.  Some parents will never be happy.  I will never be able to please everyone.
8.  Painting my classroom is not such a great idea (more coming soon on this :)
9.  I can learn as much from my students as they learn from me.
10.  I have the best job in the world-full of love and laughter.


Karla said...

#3 is a very common problem at our school too. It's surprising what you will do to help a student. But, such a small act of kindness goes a long way! I'm sure she will always remember you as the teacher who loved her enough to clean her hair.

Thanks for joining the pinky party!

Amy (aka Science Stuff) said...

It is so nice to hear so many teachers say they love their job! Have a great summer!
Amy (aka Science Stuff)

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