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I always find it interesting to read about other teachers’ classroom management and organization strategies, so I hope to share a few of mine over the next couple of weeks.  I want to take some pictures of different things to share, so hopefully I’ll be allowed back inside my school soon.  Right now our floors are drying, so no one is allowed inside.  (It feels like it is taking forever, but I’m sure it will look great.) 

I did find an older picture of what I use for my classroom jobs, so I thought I’d share about that first.  I copied the idea from my completely wonderful supervising teacher when I was a student teacher 8 years ago.  Instead of having classroom jobs, she had a boy and girl “helping hand” of the day.  The two helpers were responsible for all of the classroom jobs (line leader, door holder, running errands, etc.)  I just write each students’ name on a cutout of a hand and hand the hands on the wall and flip the hands each day.  It is such a super easy system, and it works out so that students get to be a helper about once every other week.  I used this when I student taught in 1st grade and in my own 4th grade and then 3rd grade classes, and it worked great for each grade. I need to make a cute sign for the hands, and I’ll share as soon as I decide what I want it to look like.



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    I also do Helping Hands. I buy the cheap garden gloves, stuff them and sew them at the bottom. Then I add eyes and a smile. They change desks every day and those two children do all the jobs.


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    What a great idea. I always start with jobs and then let it die off because it is so hard to manage. So time consuming. I am totally going implement this into my class next year. Such a simple way to make kids take some ownership in the classroom. Thanks for sharing! I am going to link this from my blog if that's ok. (New to blogging.)

    Empowering Kinders and Other Kids Too

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    Hi Ashleigh! I found your blog through Empowering Kinders . . . and I'm so glad I did! I have a similar system but I have a cute dog with a heart hanging off his collar (this is from DJ Inkers clipart and I just enlarged it on my poster program). I get cut-outs of hearts (similar to your hands), write their names, and rotate each day. I call it Teacher's Pet. Now I'm thinking I should have 2!!! Teacher's Pets!! Thank you!! Come check me out over at

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    I LOVE that system! I am short on wall space this year and was trying to figure out where I was going to hang my jobs pocket chart. Now I can just get rid of it! Thanks for the great idea!!

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    Love this idea. I've tried jobs in the past and never followed through on them (Jennifer, I know how you feel!). I might have to try this idea – very simple to implement. Thanks for sharing!!


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    I love simple ideas like this – I do something very similar, but I call my helpers king and queen – I bought a paper crown, cut in half and glued in onto card stock and write King on one and Queen on the other – then there is a library pocket below – the king pocket has an index card with the names of all the boys in the class and the queens is the same but with the girls names – then every morning we just rotate cards – simple is best!

    Just wanted to also let you know how much I enjoy your materials TPT – they are great!

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    I also use helping hands in my classroom. I trace the students own hand(twice)or cut doubles. One set I put on rings and hook like you have. The other set I put in their end of year scrapbook with a cute poem about how they learned to give a helping hand this year. Parents love it.

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    I so something similar but instead of hands, I made a list of the kids names (a boy list and a girl list)with a cute border that matches my room theme. I use two clothes pins with a 'right' hand on one and a'left' hand on the other. The children have their jobs all week and the hands just slide down the list. When you get to the bottom the clips move back up and you start over again. If someone is absent, you just go back to the student that had the job the week before. I do like the hand idea you use…it seems to conserve space but in K I like the list as they get to see all the names and learn their friends names as the school year progresses. Just another way to get them to apply skills and learn their classmates names.

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