Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Open!!!

My school finally opened!  Well, technically it's not open, but I found a way in.  I was so excited to finally start organizing and and setting things up.  I had already arranged my furniture, so I spent all day today doing little things.  I'm trying to change my look this year and tried and tried to think of something new and different.  I've never really had a theme, but I do like for all of my things to be coordinated.  Finally, I decided to use my new rug for inspiration-squares!

I started with my bookshelf for my content area books.  Since we team teach at my school, I'll only be teaching math, social studies, and science, but I still feel that all teachers should have a large variety of books for their students.  This was my bookshelf from last year.

This is my bookshelf after changing the tubs to baskets and adding labels.
I like it so much better with the uniform size, bright colors, and large labels.  I need to make improvements on the bookshelf itself, but I don't think I'm going to have time.  My sweet husband built EVERY bookshelf in my classroom, and this is one of his first projects.  Each year the quality of construction has improved, and he does some really nice work now.  My bookshelves are sort of like a time line of our life.

I also got my bulletin board ready, which is very, very boring.  We are required to post standards, student work, rubrics, and commentary on our bulletin board, so we don't get to do anything really fun. I did try to make it coordinate with everything.
I also worked on my bucket fillers board.  I'm still waiting for the library pockets I ordered to come in, so it's not finished.  (I'm going to talk more about bucket fillers later this week or next week.  I have a cute story to share.)
I also started working on my math manipulatives and work station area, but I quickly ran out of storage containers, so I'll have to share that later.  I also tried to organize my area a little.  When I look at this picture, I feel the need for a new trash can. 
  Here are a few more pictures that I didn't add yesterday.

I use this to organize my multiplication timed tests.
 This is my social studies wall, which is to the left of my large dry erase board.  We'll add terms as we learn them.  I'm not sure why the glare is so bad in the picture.
 This is my science wall which is on right of my dry erase board.
 As you can tell, my manipulatives are a work in progress-I'm still waiting on the rest of my containers to come in.  Can you even tell what is new and what is old?  I used to keep everything in really large tubs (see bottom shelf), but this year I'm dividing all of my large tubs into 5 small tubs.  This will make it so much faster to distribute the manipulatives.  I can just give each table a container, rather than sorting them out.  You can also see the start of my math work station containers on the top left shelf.  I've also purged a lot of the items I only use once or twice a year.  Each grade level has a small supply closet, and I'm going to just keep them in their rather than in my room (we don't have any closets in our room).
 This is the start of my math word wall.  I'm not so sure about the fact that the word 'word' is on two separate doors, but I couldn't make it fit any other way.
My next project is to get all of my desks the same height.  They're driving me CRAZY!
I don't really hang anything on the wall before school, because we add things as we go.


Sherrie said...

Your room is looking great. Love the colorful new book baskets!

Anais Novak said...

I like how your rug and pocket holders match:) Your room is looking good. I can't wait to get into mine...just a few more days. I should stop blog hopping and get some work done:)
First Grade Garden

JulesLynae said...

Super cute! Love all of the bright colors! I wish I had all the space for storage that you do - makes my poor room look small!

Delena Allen said...

Your room looks ready for third grade! I have one of those colorful organziers too. I got for a really good deal at Lowes one year. I use it for various things, but I like the multiplication idea. Got a question for you--Do you "do calendar"? I have always done calendar and was trying to get ideas from third grade teachers and what their calendar area looks like. We use Everyday Counts (and I take off from there to include other things). I was also thinking of a calendar notebook. Have you seen, tried, or know anyone that does them?
Learn with ME in Grade Three

Ashleigh said...

Delena, I don't do any calendar. I've seen something that the lower grades do that I like a lot, but I just haven't found a way to squeeze it in. I may try to add something to fit in with my work stations though. I was going to call it a 'multiple representation' board and print it out on poster paper. I can email it to you if you'd like.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for linking up Ashleigh! I love your board "Work that Meets the Standards." They are so big on that right now! And I am crazy about my books being in baskets like you. I have not figured that part out yet in my new room.... I am still moving tables etc.

I am going to post pictures later this weekend. Stop by and see!

Empowering Little Learners!

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