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One of my summer projects each year is to reorganize my lesson plans.  It took me several years, but I’ve finally found a system that works for me.  I doubt it’s the most time efficient or visually appealing system, but it works for me. I keep everything in a 3-ring binder and have one 1 binder for each 9-weeks.

Then, I organize my binders into weeks.

At the front of each week, I have an overview of the week.  This is what I have for the first week.  Yes, we’re starting back really late this year-it all has to do with budget cuts.  We have furlough days and a shortened calendar year with extra time added to each day.

You can click on any of the pictures for a free copy of the templates.

Then, for the majority of my lessons I have a template that I use that has all of the specifics (standards, materials, questions, differentiation, etc).

I also include anything that I print or handout, and any homework behind the lesson plan so that everything is kept there together.  This really helps me to stay organized from year to year-not that my lessons are ever the same.  I always make notes on my lessons as soon as I use them to remind myself of what I want to add, take away, or modify for the next year.  If I don’t write it down, I won’t remember by the time I start working on my lessons again.  Now, I’ve got to decide how to include my work station activities into my lesson plans.  What do you use, any suggestions?



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    I am so inspired by your blog! Not to be a stalker but I have being reading your posts all day long! I am in my last year of college and absolutely cannot wait to be a teacher! Your organization and love for all things cute is exactly what I aspire to be like!

    I recently started my own blog, "Adventures of a Future Teacher," and would love for you to follow it and give me any feedback you can about teaching!

    I look forward to reading many more posts from you!


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    Thank you! I know I may not have much to offer you seeing as I am still a student.. but as a future teacher, I am learning so much from your blog and many of the other wonderful blogs! :)

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    I like how there's a binder for each 9 weeks! I've done a binder the past few years instead of writing them down (I cannot believe I used to write them!). Except, I had one binder for the year and would find myself emptying it into a folder in my filing cabinet because my binder got so heavy! I also keep my grades and testing info, short parent contact info list, and a backwards planning map.

    I have file folders for each unit that I teach though, and I try to write ideas inside the jacket, along with books, videos, websites that I used.

    Looks pretty organized to me! :)

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    I like the idea of using more than one notebook for lesson plans. I do mine on the computer and had to start including standards. Now my plans are 4 pages. Now, that I'm changing grades I may need to come up with something different.

    I like the idea of putting any papers used that week behind the plans. I think that would help for the future year. I'm always digging to find where that paper was from last year.

    I have a new blog, but I don't know how to make the cute papers that I see everyone doing yet. I'm also new to first grade after teaching mostly 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. I just don't have much to share yet. Hopefully I will after school begins.


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    Would you be willing to send me your plan sheets for the week and month? It seems like a great way to stay organized. I am returning to teaching after raising a family.

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    I'm also requesting a possible e-mail of the template, or maybe putting it on google docs?

    my e-mail is…

    Your blog is awesome btw and I found this at just the right time. I've been thinking lately that I need to do my lesson plans in a different format.

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    The reason I love this is because you are always checking your lessons and improving them! I love this system and it might not be the "most efficient" (I wouldn't know any different if it isn't) but it's the one I'm going to give a try. It is inspiring to see a teacher keep up with her lessons like this and in such detail. Thank you for this!

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    Your binder organization is amazing! This is exactly what my Principal is looking for from us this year. I was wondering if you would mind sharing with me your template for the lesson plans and standard based one? I love reading your blog posts! Thanks for helping other teachers!

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    WOW I am just blown away by your binder. Would you share your lesson plans with me? I would love see your ideas…
    Thank you
    kristinspeaks at gmail dot com

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    I need to get more organized and I love this idea! I am a second year teacher and want to get organized before too long, I would love to have a copy of your templates if you don't mind?


    ps-my husband is from North Georgia and also where I student taught. Loved it there!

    Jennifer Nicholson

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    I did this for years when I taught 8th grade and then passed it on to the teacher who took over for me. She loved it and said it saved her so much time. Now I am teaching 1st grade and starting over. I love this idea.

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    I love this weekly binder idea. I have been teaching for 20+ years and have tried many systems that don't seem to stick. I'm looking forward to trying your plan.

    If you wouldn't mind, I also would be interested in any templates that you wouldn't mind sharing. I find it's best to use something that already works rather than totally reinvent the wheel.

    Thank you! Lisa

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    What a fantastic idea! I have made binders for different units before but having one for each 9 weeks would make life so much simpler. I love your lesson plan template too. if it is not too much trouble I would love to have a copy of the template you use. I will definitely check your blog more often. you have great ideas!
    Thank you,

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    I just came across your blog from a post on Pinterest. I am in awe! I love the simple organization ideas that you present/use. You now have my mind planning for next year already (it's never too early to plan!)

    Could you forward a copy of your lesson plan template and the weekly overview?

    Thank you,

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    Add me to your list of people who are requesting templates please! I'm a second year teacher and I need to begin the organization now before it gets too overwhelming!

    ashley belk at hotmail dot com

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    Hi there, I have been trying for a couple of years to create/find a lesson plan system that does just what yours does! I'm so, so glad you put it up on your blog! When you have time, would you please send me copies of your wonderful templates?
    Thanks bunches!


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    Wow! I am an 8th year teacher teaching my first year of first grade! My goal was to type all my lesson plans this year, rather than write them down and be extra organized do next year would be that much easier. I love this idea and system you've created – makes total sense! I would love to take a peek at your templates too! Would you share?


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    This is wonderfully organized, just like a kindergarten teacher brain. I would also love to have the individual and weekly forms emailed if you wouldn't mind; I couldn't get the google docs to open. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this! cathy.edington@gmail.com

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    Simply amazing! I am overwhelmed at how accountable you USA teachers have to be with your lesson plans. I suppose since our Prescribed Learning Outcomes are vague and open ended we have more flexibility than having the lesson plans this specific. Koodos to you all.

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    What a brilliant idea! I would really appreciate it if you could email me the forms as well, since I couldn't get them to open on Google Docs either. Thanks!


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    Oh my gosh, you inspire me so much to be organized. I hope that once I finally get my own classroom I can be half as organized as you are. I can't wait to use this idea. Thank you again!! You are awesome.

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    I'd also love a copy of your great templates. When I clicked, it said I don't have permission to access them. I requested permission through Google. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!!

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    I too would love copies of your binder templates…I LOVE organization and this is exactly what I have been thinking of doing! I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was too good to be true! amyjglann@gmail.com Thanks so much…I too tried to click on the template, and also got the "needs permission" notice. Thanks again!

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    You are amazingly organized!! Definitely a motivation for me to get my Lesson Plan Binder reorganized. Can I please have access to the copies of your binder templates. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    Hi came across your site while viewing pinterest and I just love your binder organization . If you don't mind will you please send me a copy of your templates and a sample of your lesson plan. I will be so ever greatful.
    Faye's Busy Bees (asfaye1@gmail.com)

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    Hi I teach Kindergarten for a small school in PA and really like your idea of a binder for each nine weeks! I tried to click on your templates you have on here but it tells me I need your permission to see these. I would love copies of your templates for lesson plans and such if you are sharing… my email is sunigurl81@gmail.com Thank you!

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