4th Grade Common Core Standards

After the overwhelming response to the 3rd grade Common Core Standards Posters, I’m excited to say that the 4th grade Common Core Standards are ready!  I’m so excited to have this new way to post my standards in the classroom.

I don’t know why my pictures are so dark….

These are also available in 4 different themes (including the same theme as the 3rd grade standards below) and include all of the reading, writing, language, and math standards.  I’ve also added the 4th grade Georgia Performance Standards for science and social studies but will add Common Core Standards if they are ever made.

You can download a preview at this link.



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    I don't know how on Earth I have missed your blog, I feel so behind this summer! I love it and I have been reading through the entire thing this evening. I am a new happy follower of yours! Thanks for the shoutout on the homeworkopoly too–yours is beautiful. :)
    Ladybug's Teacher Files

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