Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free For All Friday

Yea!!!  My favorite day is here!  Freebie Day!  I'm excited to browse around and scoop up everyone's wonderful free item.  I'm sure they're going to be incredible.  I'm going to share something that I posted earlier this summer, so I'm sorry if you already have it.  (I promise that I'll have some new things soon.  I have a bunches that I want to give away, but they still need tweaking.)

If you've followed my blog this summer, you know I've been working like crazy on math work stations, and I've gone a little overboard on making task cards.  The item I'm giving a way came from an idea from Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations book and can be adapted for almost any grade level.  Check it out, and  I hope you like it!  Just click on the picture.

Come and join this last day of Teacher Week!


Jennifer Knopf said...

Wow I love it! Thanks for sharing - I am going to incorporate these into my calendar routine for my kiddos!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Mrs. D said...

Thanks for stopping by Ashleigh (o: Love your polka dots!
I'm telling you, Kevin and Amanda have the best fonts and ba-zillions of them. Hope your school year is off and running well! (o:

Carpenter Family Chronicle said...

not working for me. :(

Ashleigh said...

Is it taking you to google docs?

Kristen said...

Hi Ashleigh! Thanks so much for sharing this! One of my goals in Math this year is to write more of their own story problems, and this will be a great resource!

I'm a new follower thanks to the blog hop!

First Grade Brigade

Keys4Education said...

Ashleigh - thank you for sharing! Love it!


SSH said...

Love it! Thanks so much

Ms. Payton said...

I love this! You said you were working on your math stations, I'd love to know more about this! I started math stations this week and I am looking for a way to tweak a few things because it wasn't working for me. Would you mind sharing a little about yours? I'l hoping to write a post about mine in the next week!

Kristen said...

Ashleigh--this is incredible! I love how adorable it is and what a great way to work on story problems. I love all of your printables, they are always eye-catching and so useful!

Ashleigh said...

Thank you all so much! I'm really excited about using this too!

Ms. Payton, I will definitely share more, but I actually don't start back until Monday, so I need a little practice myself first:)

PJ said...


Thanks so much for the center! It's on Pinterest, and that is how I found your blog. I teach 2nd and will be able to use it in a few months when we get into double digits!

Just read your Meet the Teacher post! I live in Virginia now, but I grew up in Melbourne and I get the whole nothing but cows reference! Although Melbourne isn't like that... but I know what you mean... Anyway, love your blog!

Ginger Snaps said...

This is awesome!! Thanks a bunch for sharing this!!

Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

{reposting,...spelled your name wrong!}

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome math station packet-it is adorable and I know my second graders will have fun! My copy of Debbie Diller's book finally arrived today, after being back-ordered!
Primary Practice

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