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I’ve been working on a nonfiction reading unit for the past several weeks and recently stumbled upon anticipation guides.  Apparently they’re widely used, so I have no idea how I had never heard of them.  I am really excited about incorporating them into my reading and science instruction, because my students have a difficult time understanding the complex material.

We’re currently studying Ancient Greece, so I’ve started using the anticipation guides for the Magic Tree House Ancient Greece and the Olympics.  Since it’s a chapter book, I made a different anticipation guide for each chapter, and my students really seem to enjoy using the guides.  

You can click on the picture for the anticipation guides that I’ve made, and I’ll share whatever I make when we get to our new units.



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    I had no clue Magic Treehouse had non-fiction pieces. Thanks! However, the Chp 2 and Chp 3 guides are identical. I believe the document is missing the actual Chp 3 guide. Do you have that available? Is there anyway you could email that to me? I'd really appreciate it.

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    I'd zero hint as to Magic Treehouse acquired non-fiction bits. Thank you! Even so, the particular Chp only two along with Chp 3 manuals tend to be the Wallet passbee Media same. I really believe the particular doc is missing out on the particular Chp 3 information. Are there which readily available? Will there be anyhow you can e mail which in my opinion? I had actually enjoy it.

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    My business is actually enthusiastic about including these individuals into our reading through and also scientific discipline training, essay writing because our college students use a complicated period knowing the particular difficult material.

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