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One of my largest science units of the year is on Georgia habitats, and I’ve always had a really hard time with this unit, because I had absolutely no resources for teaching these specific habitats.  I wanted to find a way to teach the habitats that involved multiple learning styles and gave students choices in the activities they completed.  To accomplish this, I created a Habitats Menu that students use to create a habitats book that I have used for the past several years, and my students and I absolutely love it!  I use the menus specifically for Georgia habitats, but they are designed so that they can be used for ANY habitat.

To make the books, I use 6 pieces of 12×18 construction paper for each student  (5 pages are for the habitats we study and 1 page is for the cover).  For the 5 habitats pages I hold the paper vertically and fold the bottom 1/4 up to make a pocket, and then I staple the sides of the pocket.  The height of the folded construction paper should be about the same height as a piece of notebook paper.

I add a cover page to each book that is the same height as the other pages, but it does not have a pocket.  I attach the pages together by punching 3 holes in the left side and tying the pages together with yarn.  I had my students decorate the cover of their book with a map of the habitats we are learning about.

Each page in the book is for each of the different habitats we learn about, and I have students keep all of their notes, research, and menu activities in the pocket of the specific habitat.

The menus are designed so that there are 3 appetizer activities, 3 main course activities, and 3 dessert activities that students can choose from.  I spend a week on each habitat and students have to complete 1 activity from each category.

The activities range from creating a collage, drawing a detailed picture, designing a cartoon, writing a report, writing a letter, to writing a song, and more.

This student wrote a report.

Collages are always the class favorite. I preprint a lot of pictures of specific animals.

I liked this student’s cartoon.

The menu is on TpT, and if you’d like to see it just click on the link.



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    I love how you sort the habitat notes like that, what a great idea. Thanks again for the habitat sharing–I'm grabbing your button as a small way of saying thank you :)

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    I love your habitats folder. The Standards Coach at my school is always pushing using various fold-ables with our students but I think that your idea will be very useful. Thanks for sharing the great idea with us!!!

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