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I am not a techie.  Sure I love creating things for my classroom, and I really do enjoy integrating technology into my lessons, but when things don’t work correctly I am lost.  That’s why it was so frustrating for me when my school Mac wouldn’t open any of the PDFs I created on my personal PC.  Almost every document would have sections of black fuzzy lines or there were portions with no text at all.  It took me hours, even days, to finally find how to solve this problem (and maybe a little help from the husband after he noticed my extreme frustration with this).

I knew that I had to download the most recent version of Adobe, which is Adobe X, which you can download like any other program.  It is a free program and you can download it here.

I did this, but my documents were still not showing up correctly.  I remembered reading something about opening the documents with Adobe instead of preview, but to be perfectly honest I had no clue what that meant.  I finally noticed that at the top left of my documents it said ‘preview’, so I knew that I had to find a different way to open the documents.

After A LOT of trial and error, I finally found how to open the document in Adobe rather than preview.  I went to ‘file’ and then clicked ‘open with’ and selected ‘Adobe Reader 10.1.0′.

It finally worked!  I’ve been able to open any document since them, so hopefully this will help anyone else out there who has experienced the same problem!



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    I was having the same problem for forever and it was so frustrated then I heard that it was because of opening it with preview! Glad you shared with bloggy world because I know we arent the only ones having this issue! :)

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    An additional tip: if you select the file and then "Get Info" (from either the file menu, right-clicking to get the contextual menu, or by pressing command-i), you get the info window for the file. There's an "Open With" panel there, and you can change the file to always open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Not only that, but there's a "Change All" button, which will change your settings so that every pdf will open with Acrobat. (It will ask you to confirm this, and may ask you for your password.)

    After that, double-clicking on any pdf file will open it in Acrobat.

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    YAY!!! Thank you sooo much for posting this. I have purchased items on TpT and they open with the black fuzzy lines and I just cry because I wasted money. Now I can finally use them!! You made my day!! =)

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    This has been a LONG time coming! You beat me in posting it! I was needing to do something because I have had several buyers message me about this issue. Less work for me though since you did such a super job! I'm going to post a link about it on my blog 😀


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    THANK YOU!!!! i have been having this problem forever and am SO glad to have finally figured out the problem!!! you are such a life saver!

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    Thank you!!!!!! I have been having this problem for forever! FOREVER and I was starting to get really upset because of all the cute things that were just not working for me. Thank you!!!! 😀 😀 😀 (Can you tell I'm really happy??)

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    You said: After A LOT of trial and error, I finally found how to open the document in Adobe rather than preview. I went to 'file' and then clicked 'open with' and selected 'Adobe Reader 10.1.0'.

    However, I can't get it off preview to open it in Adobe. Can you give the steps of your trial and error to get to open the document in Adobe, please? Thanks!

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    It's important that you close preview completely-not just the document. I made the same mistake several times, and if I remember correctly I had to click the preview button at the top and choose 'quit preview"

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    I can't thank you enough!! I've spent hours today (and hours on other days!) trying to find a fix for this annoying issue. I had missed out on many wonderful resources because I'd give up and delete the bad-looking pdfs. You're a gem!

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