12 Activities of Christmas

I recently added what may be my new favorite product to my TpT store.  It’s the 12 Activities of Christmas, and it is different from my usual items which are very specific to certain standards.  This product is geared more toward critical thinking and divergent thinking skills with a few really challenging activities.  I’m planning to use one activity each day in my class for a total of 12 days of Christmas activities. You can click on any of the pictures for a preview.

I love logic puzzles, so I had to include one in the packet, and students will have to help Mrs. Claus triple a cookie recipe in a different activity.  I was also thrilled to finally think of a way to practice longitude and latitude in a fun way where students can track Santa’s route.

I also included a Christmas themed Sudoku that is on a 6 by 6 square to make it a little more manageable for 3-5 students.  There are also 2 graphing activities and an algebra activity where students have to find the weights of packages using balance scales.
The Number Christmas Tree is basically a number pyramid that is one of the most challenging activities in this product, but I think it will be great mental math practice for my students.  The Candy Cane Measurement is a fairly simple activity where students have to measure candy canes, but they won’t start from zero on the ruler, which adds a bit of a challenge.  Another activity is Christmas themed word ladders, and since they are also pretty challenging , I’ve added a few hints to help students out. 
The Christmas Tree Farm activity is also very challenging, but students usually love it.  In the Carol Synonyms, students have to find the titles of popular Christmas carols by using synonyms for the carols.  For example, Quiet Dark may be Silent Night.  The last activity is my favorite, in this students get to design Santa’s workshop by using area and perimeter to build different rooms that may be in his workshop.  
I also wanted to share a little free activity that you can download by clicking on the picture.  I’ll be teaching fractions for the next few weeks, so it’s a little Christmas fractions worksheet.

I also wanted to share my December Creative Writing Freebie! It’s fun of fun, creative prompts that your students will love!



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