Thursday, November 3, 2011

Types of Democracies

I'm wrapping up my Ancient Greece unit (pictures and ideas are coming soon) which is the perfect transition to our government unit, because we are learning about the differences between a direct democracy and a representative democracy.  This is one of those concepts that is really difficult for students, because it is so abstract and they don't have much prior knowledge in this area that they can connect the concept to.  I tried to make both democracies a little easier for students to understand by creating a simulation activity for my students.  In the first part of the simulation students voted on how to spend money for the school playground through a direct democracy, and in the second part students voted on a representative who would vote for them.  They really enjoyed the activity, and I think it helped clear up some of their confusion on this concept.  I think that students need to see it in action before they can begin to fully understand any abstract topic like this.  You can click on the picture below for your copy of the activity.


Casey Orr said...

Oh this is a great idea!! Teaching democracy is general is really tough for my kids!

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