Veteran’s Day Choice Board

Each year around this same time I start feeling crunched for time, because I’m always behind the curriculum map, and little assemblies and programs start popping into our day on a regular basis.  I’m always happy for my students to have new and interesting experiences, but I do feel the pressure of not falling too far behind.  Despite this time crunch, I feel that it’s important to set aside some time for teaching students about Veteran’s Day and to allow them to complete a few Veteran’s Day activities.  I recently created a Veteran’s Day Choice Board that gives students choices in the activities they complete.   There are also student directions for each of the activities.  You can get your copy by clicking here!



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    Ashleigh, Ashleigh, Ashleigh! Awesome unit! I love this! I have a multi age special needs class and I think we will all be able to use it in one fashion or another! It is so refreshing to have something different than a word find or a coloring page! Thank you for such inspiring materials!

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    Hi, would you mind if I shared this on my blog, I'm writing a post about Veterans Day activities for military families and want to include a few ideas from different sites. Of course, I will link back to your site for our readers to download the activity. ~Cheryl Edenfield

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    From a military wife/teacher- Thank you so much for sharing this! My students will be working on Veterans Day activities all week next week, and this will be a fantastic addition to what we're working on. I'm printing your packet as I type! Thanks again!!! :)

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    Ashleigh You Rock!! I love your units and can't wait to let my students get started on this one!! Thanks so much for sharing all your great work!

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    Ashleigh-I would love to use this in my classroom, but when I go to print it off from Google Docs, something goes wrong and I can't see the writing on a lot of the pages… just black lines. Is there a way you could send this to me?

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