Planning for January

This is one of those years when we have almost no time off in January, since teachers and students return to school on the 2nd.  I sure miss inservice days, because it was so nice to have time to get organized for the second half of the year.  I’m excited to have something new for my students to help them refocus their minds on school and to help them develop some new goals for the 2012 school year.  I tried doing a few goal activities at the beginning of the school year, but they pretty much flopped.  I really don’t think my third graders understood how to write a goal, since most of them wrote very vague and/or superficial goals.  I’ve since created a few new things for the new year that should definitely help students understand the purpose of a goal and how to write goals, as well as improve their general self-reflection skills.  I’ve added the activities to TpT, so you can check them out if your interested by clicking on the pictures.  The product includes S.M.A.R.T. goals and how to write goals.  There are also a few activities on goals where students have to sort examples and non examples of S.M.A.R.T. goals, and there is a 2011 reflection form and a 2012 goals form, as well as an action plan or students to fill out on how they are going to try to achieve their goals.  I also added an idea on a cute goal setting bulletin board.

I will also continue using my Weekly Word Problems with the January version.  When I shared the November version, I was first getting started with the word problems, and I have seen a huge improvement in my students’ word problem skills since then.  I’ve added division problems to the January edition, so now students will be choosing from all four operations.

I’ve also made another creative writing booklet for January that you can download for free by clicking on the picture.  It should be interesting to read some of the responses my students write for the questions.



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    My school is K-3, and we do a goal setting program school-wide where every student sets a math, reading, and writing goal. Goals are made monthly, and at that time we review & set new goals. Honestly, its pretty hard to keep up with, with everything else we have to do. But some of the students get SO excited when they meet their goals!

    We call them "SMARTE" or "Smartie" goals. The E stands for Everyday, as in working toward your goal everyday in some way.

    Third Grade in the First State

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    This is great! I love Christmas break because it gives me time to relax and then PLAN LIKE CRAZY! The goals thing is great. I get kinda shoddy goals from my 5th graders when we do goal activities.

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