Sunday, January 15, 2012

Decimal Pizza

I hope that everyone is enjoying their long weekend!  It's so nice to have an extra day off, and I have so many ideas floating around in my head right now that I hope to get one or two things accomplished.

I have a lot of new measurement things to share in the next week or two, but I also wanted to post a couple of pictures of a really fun decimal activity that my students recently completed.  It was super quick and easy to prepare for, but my students really enjoyed it.  All you really need is a pre made circle divided into 10 equal pieces for your students.  At first, I tried having my students draw their own circle and dividing the pieces themselves, but that was pretty much a disaster!  I could barely do it myself!  I finally just printed a circle out, and that made it MUCH easier.  As a class we customized our own special pizza (see chart below).  We chose a variety of toppings and decided what tenth of our pizza should have each of the toppings, and students then decorated their pizzas to reflect the toppings/decimals.

One clarification I had to make with my students is that the decimal (for instance 0.4) does not mean there should be 4 pieces of sausage on each slice.  It means that 4 of the slices should have sausage.


Mrs. Corbitt said...

We are getting ready to start fractions so I think that your pizza activity could work out nicely! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Amber Polk said...


Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

gd2bqn said...

What a great way to visualize fractions/decimals! Thank you for the idea!!

Sarah said...

What a cute idea! :) Happy day off!

Amanda Estrada said...

I love the visual connection to 10ths :)

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