Monday, January 30, 2012

Newspaper Template

A major part of my social studies curriculum is the study of different Americans who worked to expand the rights and freedoms of many different people.  My students always really enjoy studying about these Americans, and I try to incorporate many different activities to make this unit interesting and relevant to my students.  I know last year I wrote about my students' Famous Americans book they made that incorporates a lot of art into this unit.  Another small thing that I like to do is have my students write newspaper articles about one of the people they are studying.  The picture below is of one of my student's articles on Frederick Douglass.  You can click on the picture to grab a newspaper template for your classroom.  They're great, because they work well with almost any topic.


Tara said...

Love the newspaper idea for Social Studies:) I'll be using that this week:) Thanks for sharing:)

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Ms. Wainwright said...

This is great! I'm reading about Abe Lincoln this week; i'm going to use it for a workshop activity! Thanks for sharing : )


katherine. said...

I love it! Could totally be used in a variety of different ways!

I've tagged you over at my blog - I'd love it if you came over to check it out! :)

Happy Monday!

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Baggy_Trousers said...

Great ideas. Thanks for sharing the template - so universal!

Baggy Trousers

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Kim said...

Tag, you're it! Head over to my blog for details! :-)

jmommymom said...

We just read a great book about Frederick Douglass. APicture Book of Frederick Douglass by David Alder.

Amy Cain said...

Your blog is very inspirational and so are the wonderful things you make for your classroom. I just created my own teaching blog and aspire to one day be as good of a teacher AND blogger as you! I'm still in college, but what better time than the present to be taking in all of the wonderful ideas around me! Thanks for all that you do!

KRISTA said...

Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas! LOVE them! I tagged you on my blog come check it out at

Have a great week!


teachertam said...

Tag! You're it! Visit my blog for details!
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