Branches of Government Card Sort

We finished our government unit several weeks ago, but that is one of those VERY hard concepts for my students, so I frequently feel the need to go back and review the concepts on occasion.  One of the hardest parts of this unit is identifying the roles and responsibilities of each branch of government. There are some really big words and complex concepts for third graders!  I’ve recently created government task cards that I plan to use to help reinforce these ideas and concepts that I’m excited to use next week.  It’s the same information that they’ve studied, but it’s just presented in a different way.  You can grab a copy by clicking on the picture:)



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    Thanks for sharing! This is great! Every year we have the high school social studies teacher come and talk to our kiddos about the Constitution and Branches of Government. She uses something like this and also has our kiddos read letters that gives different scenarios. The students have to then tell her by looking at the cards which branch of government would be responsible for helping with the situation mentioned.

    Have a great weekend! I love your blog!

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    Thank you so much! Love it! I agree this is such a difficult concept for 3rd graders. I would love it if you would include an answer key. It is so nice just to print one off and keep it with the game. Just a suggestion…

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