Hodgepodge Pictures

I found a few extra pictures on my camera that I haven’t done anything with yet, so I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve been doing in class.

This one of my student’s geometry zoo from my Buggy About Geometry unit where students have to create a zoo using different geometric terms.  I think out of all my geometry activities this and the “I Have Who Has” game are their two favorites.

We’ve also been working on our biography posters that I bought from Scholastic.  My students have LOVED every second on this project, and I have to say I always kind of want to make one myself:)

This is my class conducting a science experiment outside from my heat experiments collection.  It’s always hard for me to teach my heat unit during January and February, because so many of the experiments I want to do require us to go outside and need sunny days.  However, I’ve gotta follow that curriculum map, so I have to be ready to go whenever we have a nice day.  Today, we learned about how different colors absorb heat.

 We made pockets out of white, black, blue, and red construction paper and place thermometers inside the pockets and let the sit outside for about 15 minutes.  (After looking at this picture, I obviously should have also shown students how to place the thermometer inside the pocket correctly.)

Students had to record the original temperature, their predictions for each color, and then the actual results after the 15 minutes.  I always like this experiment, because it is so quick and easy to prepare for, and I feel like my students get a good grasp on the content.


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    I've been doing this experiment for 2 years now and sometimes it doesn't come the way it is supposed to do. I leave them out for 15 minutes like I'm supposed to in direct sunlight. Just like your pictures!! :) About how many degrees do each of the colors vary for you? Have you ever had the results come out differently? How does yours usually turn out?

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    There isn't always a big difference in temperature for me. This year, the biggest problem for me was that I'm supposed to teach heat in January and February, and it was freezing all winter! I wasn't able to do any of our outside experiments. Another problem I have is that my thermometers are probably 20 years old and don't work so well. Next year, I may get one or two decent thermometers and do this lesson earlier in the year. I'll let you know how it goes!

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