Monday, February 6, 2012

Lesson Plan Template

Without a doubt the the most popular post on this blog was from last summer on lesson plan organization.  I'm still using the same system, and I have to say it is the best thing I've done to stay organized.  I'm actually a complete scatter brain and one of the most forgetful people ever, so I have to be over the top organized.  Like everyone else, my plans are very different from year to year, but it's so nice to have the notebooks as a reference to use while planning for the current year

I've had several requests for my lesson plan template, so here it is!

I can't say that I have ALL of my lesson plans written in this format, but I've tried to use it for the majority of my lesson plans.  I started with my performance tasks for math and have slowly added other areas over the past couple of years.  The digital format makes it so easy for me to revise and tweak to make them better every time I teach them.


KRISTA said...

Thanks for sharing your lesson plan format! It will also be a great resource to give student teachers. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Have a great week!

Amy Cain said...

Seems like a great way to keep your very own lesson plans! In Kentucky, we have to use a KTIP lesson plan format for official things but its a bit lengthy for practical use I'd imagine (I'm still a student so its all theory at this point!). Thanks for all of your great resources!


Michele Luck said...

Try my lesson plan template:
It is what most admins will accept after you finish your KTIP year. I'm a UK grad, and still a teacher in KY, so I know all the hoops you get to jump! Also, take a look at my book, or follow my blog. It may give you quite a bit of guidance!

teachertime123 said...


With a well-designed lesson plan, a teacher can set up each of their students to learn exactly what they want them to know. These lesson plan should provide the structure through which students' motivation can take root. Thanks a lot.

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surfthechairman said...

Hi, It's encouraging to see that lesson plans are the same both sides of the pond. There's some useful materials across all grades on the UK's TES Resources TES Lesson Plans

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