We’ve spent the past several weeks measuring from my Shiver Me Measurement unit, and I’m ashamed to say that I have very few pictures of any of my students’ finished products.  We’ve made pirate ships, found treasures on treasure maps, gone on scavenger hunts, and all kinds of fun things!  As always, the hardest skill for my students was using a ruler to the nearest 1/4 inch.  That took quite a bit of practice, but I think they’ve got it.  I think the best thing to do is to actually get students up and measuring, so that’s what we did.

You can see from my anchor chart that I am not one of those teachers with amazing handwriting and artistic skills-I really do try!  As a matter of fact I tried to draw an elephant for something yesterday, and my students told me it looked like a rabbit on wheels:)

We’ve also learned about the difference in measurements within the same unit.  I’ve made a little activity to help with this skill that my students enjoyed.  It took a little modeling for them to fully understand the task, but it did help them to see the differences between the different units.  You can click on the picture for you copy if you’d like one!



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    Great stuff as always! May I ask what font you used on the body of the handout? (for instance where it says "unsharpened pencil?" I've seen that font in a few different places and I love it.

    Also, just wanted to let you know, I wrote a blog entry mentioning your blog and all that you do!


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