Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Last summer was a summer of new technology for me.  I'm not going to lie, when I first heard the words "sqworl" and "pinterest" I had no idea what they were.  They've now become some of my new favorite teaching and organizational tools.  I think that Pinterest has really taken off for obvious reasons, and I'm a huge fan!  You can check out my interest boards at this link.  Although I'm almost ashamed for anyone to look at the recipes I've pinned.  I'm going to start looking for health ones, really.

It seems like sqworl has sort of been placed in the background, but I still think it has a lot of benefits for the classroom, especially with student research.  I like doing activities that require my students to do a little research, but that is such a hard thing for my third graders.  Once they find the research, they're okay, but it's the searching that really gives them trouble.  This is one of the reasons I love using sqworl in my classroom, because I use it as visual and easy to use bookmarks for my students.

You can see below a picture of my government sqworl page.  I've added all of these great websites that teach about government to my page.  This is great, because rather than having my students try to find useful and child friendly sites they can just go to this page and have a moderate collection of sites to choose from.  It's made the research process so much easier and more manageable for my students.

I've bookmarked each of my sqworl pages to the computers that are available to my students.  This way my students can just go to "bookmarks" and then click on the subject area they need, and then they have access to whatever sites I've preselected.  This is a also very useful for newsletters to parents.

Here are some links to some of my sqworl pages:
Multiplication Facts
Ancient Greece
Georgia Habitats

I'm sure there's many other great ideas for using these tools in the classroom, and I'd love to hear yours!


Mrs. Lirette said...

Thank you, Ashleigh! I've been kind of stumped on how to get my sqworl page going....this is a great start! :)

Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

katherine. said...

This is a great resource! I had never heard of sqworl until now, so thank you for sharing! Pinterest is sometimes blocked at our school (I can't figure out when and/or why it sometimes is and sometimes isn't!), so this would be a great way for me to bookmark all the fun websites I've found and bookmarked on Pinterest, but can't access when I'm at school! I'll definitely be making a few of my own soon, and probably using yours as well! :)

Third Grade Teacher Files

Ashleigh said...

Kaatherine, I'm not able to use Pinterest at school either, which is one of the reasons I don't do much with it for my students. For us I think it's because it's too related to Facebook, so we can't use it at school.

I love it at home though!

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