Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Birthday Linky

I'm a huge fan of Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade, so I couldn't resist joining her blog's birthday linky party!  We're sharing what we do for our students' birthdays, and I'm sure I'll see lots of great ideas.  I have to say I keep it pretty low key, but I still try to make the day as special as possible for my students.  We are still allowed to do cupcakes or other snacks, and I don't mind as long as it's easy.  Passing out cupcakes during recess doesn't bother me, and I'll even admit that there have been times I wished it was someone's birthday, so I could have a cupcake.  That's awful I know, but oh my I love a cupcake! 

I am totally and completely addicted to pretty stationary, paper, cards, and well you name it!  I just can't turn it down, which is why I usually buy my students' birthday cards during the summer (I like Trend Enterprises).  This is the card I'm using this year, and I think it's really cute.  I'm AWFUL about forgetting things, so as soon as I get my class list and have access to information like birthdays, I fill out my cards way in advance, so I'm always ready!
Along with my love of pretty paper, I also love fun stickers.  Personally, I like the shiny and/or glittery ones, but my students always like the stickers that smell, so I buy a pack of birthday stickers that small like icing to give my students on their birthday too.

I really can't take credit for my students' favorite part of the day.  Without a doubt, it is the lunchroom experience that my students look forward to the most.  We have a wonderful group of ladies who work in the cafeteria, and they have this special birthday song that they sing/dance/clap to for the birthday boy or girl.   My students literally beam when get their birthday song.  (Maybe I should be a bit offended that they cringe when I sing Happy Birthday to them:)

What do you do to celebrate?  Join us over at Sunny Days to share your fun!


SunnyDays said...

Aw Ashleigh! Thanks for the kind words! I'm a big fan of yours too!
I have got to do the birthday jazz at the start of the year too or I WILL forget! Too much starts happening once the kids actually step through the door!
Thanks for linking up!
Sunny Days In Second Grade

Jessica said...

Cute cards!


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