Spilling the Beans

I usually try to keep this blog completely focused on what’s going on in the classroom, but I just had to share this with my blogging friends.  Yesterday, I finally told my class that I was going to have a baby next year!  I really don’t know how they hadn’t figured it out yet, because it’s starting to get obvious.  I told them through a hangman activity, and it was absolutely priceless to watch their faces process that information.  They had the funniest looks on their faces, and I could almost see the wheels turning as they thought about it.  Their first reaction was complete disbelief, and when they finally believed me their first question was “when”.   I told them it would be at the first of October, and naturally their second question was, “What will the baby be for Halloween?”  I told them that I hadn’t thought anywhere near that far ahead  They proceeded to ask dozens of other questions, and one of my favorites was, “How did you find out?”  which required a pretty creative response.  They were also very concerned with baby names (especially girl names), and I let everyone share their favorite name, which was actually quite entertaining.  It was so much fun just sitting there and chatting with my class, and their sweetness just melted by heart. 

Needless to say I’m excited, but I’m also more than a bit overwhelmed when I start thinking about juggling everything.  My almost 3 year old almost wears me out, so it’s hard to imagine doing it with two, but I guess I’ll learn!  Before school gets out I’d love to find a substitute, and this summer I’d like to get all of my plans ready.  Maybe I can find a great way to organize everything, and I’ll share it with you if I can figure it out:) Let me know if you have any words of wisdom of things to do to prepare as best as I can.



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    For my long term sub and planning, each week is numbered. Each week she would need the copy folder for that week and the legal size activity folder. All the papers I used the previous year would be in the copy folder and all my books, previous plans and activities were in the legal folder. I found it helped her have an idea of where to start planning. I made as many things before I left so all my poem strips were pre assembled and numbered. I also typed verbatim everything I do in the room for reference. It felt like I was back in college making detailed plans. Last I trusted my team to help her out!

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