Common Core Standards 5th Grade

Where has June gone?  Really?  We’ve been so busy lately, I don’t even feel like summer has truly started and now it’s almost July.  I still have tons on things I want to do and tons of things I need to do, so I’d better stay put for a little while!  One project that I was able to finish  was the Common Core Standards Posters for 5th grade.  I had a ton of requests to make them during the school year, but that’s one of those big projects I need a large block of time for.  I used the Common Core Standards for math, reading, writing, language arts, listening and speaking.  Since there are no CCS for social studies and science at this time, I used our GA standards for those subjects, and let me just say wow!!!  I knew since it was 5th grade the standards would be tough, but I was shocked when I started working on the social studies.  I don’t know how you teach all of it in a year!

Here are pictures of my 3rd and 4th grade posters, and the 5th grade posters are exactly the same (except they say 5th grade).   There are 5 different looks/themes to choose from and all of the standards are written with “I can..” statements.

You can click on the picture below or on this link to see them in my TpT Store.

I also thought I’d share a little math freebie for you, I’ve made a Common Core Standards math checklist for all of the math standards and you can download your copy anytime!



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    Thank you so much for the checklist, it will come in handy once we take the CCSS plunge in a couple of years!!!
    I'm sorry that you feel as though your summer is fading so fast but at least we still have July, right?
    :) Nicole

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    Like your site will use ideas.

    Plez bookmark this site to use throughout the year and do pass it on to educators

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    Your work is fantastic! I was just finishing printing out the I can statements for Common Core in third grade, when I came across your CCSS checklist for math. Fabulous resource! I truly appreciate it. I am entering my third year as a third grade teacher in a district that has been phasing in the Common Core. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.

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    Thank you so much for providing the 3rd grade check list for Math! Our state is making the move to them for the 2013/14 school year, but in our district, we've heard nothing! This list will really help me see how what I do lines up (or not!) with what the CCS are.

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    Hey Ashleigh… It's Molly from TpT.. :-) I was doing a search and came across this wonderful checklist. Thanks so much. Did you happen to make one for ELA? That is actually what I was doing a google search for when I arrived here at the math one. I can send you a message in TT group too. Thanks much.

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