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I’m thrilled to say that I  only have 1 more day!!!!  I cannot be more excited and ready to start my summer vacation!  However, knowing that I’ll be out for about 8 weeks next year, I’ve felt the need to get everything as organized as possible.  I’ve spent the past few days cleaning up my work station notebooks.  I’ve used these notebooks all year, and they’ve really helped me stay organized, but like everything else, at the end of the school year they needed a few touch-ups.

I originally organized my work station activities into two different binders, but as I added more and more activities, I’ve reorganized everything by 9-weeks.  I’ve also added spine inserts to all of my binders, which has already made locating the correct binder so much easier.  I would normally look through five or six different binders until I found the one I needed.

I keep everything in the pockets of heavy duty page dividers.   I make sure to include the station’s directions, task cards or other supplies, and the student recording sheet in each divider.  I’ve double checked all of the activities and made sure there weren’t any missing forms or pieces.

My next step is to realign the order and sequencing of my work station activities to follow our new curriculum map.  We’re following a new curriculum map, so I want to adjust my plans accordingly.  I’m also going to have 5 more students next year than in previous years (budget cuts), so I’ll need to add two new activities for each week as well.  I’ll share as soon as I get it ready!



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    Oh this is EXACTLY what I am planning on doing this summer. Are you finding that your math stations and all for 9 weeks are able to fit in each binder no problem? I have a feeling if I do put in my math stations (which is a great idea), I'm going to need some pretty enormously large binders.

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    Amanda, I bought the biggest binders I could find! I'll also say that I only placed the activity in the binder if I was 100% sure I would use it. I can be bad about adding things that I may use one day, but then everything eventually gets all cluttered if I do that.

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    Your binders are fabulous! I really wish I could come and look through them. I am trying to organize my activities and materials for next year too. More ideas!

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    Do you put 1 activity in each pocket? How many stations do you use each week? How many students to each station?
    I finish with students Thursday, but my mind is on next year and what I'm hoping to accomplish over the summer.
    Thanks. Sharon

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    I put one activity in each pocket, but the pockets are just where I store my activities when they're not an active part of my stations. Last year, I had 10 stations a week, but since my class size is going up, next year I'll need 12 stations. I always have two students per station. I don't know if you saw any of my posts last summer, but they may help you out. I'll also be posting a lot more on what I'm planning over the next few weeks. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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