Monday, July 30, 2012

Behind Closed Doors Linky Party

I'm breaking my own blogging rule and posting two times in one day...sorry!  I just couldn't resist joining Amanda's linky party from One Extra Degree.  She's posted all kinds of ideas on how she has set up her classroom, so I just had to join!  Unfortunately, I'm still waiting to get into my classroom, because our floors are being waxed.  I'm pretty sure I've driven our custodians crazy asking every few days if I can get in my classroom, but I'm ready to get started!  All of these pictures are from last year, and I do plan on making some changes that I'll share as soon as I can.  Nothing is cute yet, but it will get there...hopefully!

This is our meeting area that I'm not 100% sure I'll get to keep this year.  I'll be so sad if I have to give it up, but I've got to squeeze five extra bodies in my classroom somewhere.

Here is my desk area.  The mailbox system in front of my desk is my absolute favorite piece of furniture in my classroom.  My husband built it for me, and it is amazing!  The pink and orange trays on top are where my students turn in their work, and the bookshelf behind my desk is where I store of my absolutely essential, can't live without teacher materials (and of course my stash of chocolate).

I keep all of my work station activities that my students are not currently using in that bookshelf.

This what I use to store my multiplication timed tests.  I bought mine from Really Good Stuff (as a matter of fact, if you pay attention to the pictures, you'll see that I buy WAY too much from there).

I have a huge social studies word wall and science word wall that I organize into major concepts that we study during the year.

I also have a math word wall that we add to throughout the year.

These are my content area books that are one of my favorite resources for nonfiction reading.  

Here's another one of my math bookshelf.  This is where I store my work station activities that are currently in rotation, as well as my math manipulatives.

 This is where I meet with students in small groups.  I'd LOVE to have a kidney shaped table, but this one works for now.  I do love my dry erase board that I screwed into the wall gently attached to the way where it can be easily removed.

Instead of having classroom jobs, I have two "helping hands" each day.  These two students are responsible for all of our classroom jobs:  line leader, door holder, wipe off lunchroom table, run errands, etc.  This couldn't be easier, and my students love it!  The get to be a "helper" about every other week, and it is such a big deal to them.  I just keep the on a ring and have them hanging on my wall in the classroom.

I like to have my students sit in groups of four, but I will probably have to have a few groups of five as well.  Since I teach two groups, I've bought trays for students to place inside their desk.  This way each student can have all of their things in their own special place.  I about went crazy last year listening to, "someone stole my..."

If you'd like to join the linky party, just click on the picture below.  I'm sure there are many things I can learn from all of you!


Mrs. P said...

I love all of your organizational ideas! I am in the process of working on organizing my math stations (and finding some ideas for them) and am going to make binders to store all of mine in like you did! Thanks for the great ideas!

That's So Second Grade

Kristen said...

I loved seeing your room, as always Ashleigh!! I hope you've had a nice summer so far! :)

Melissa said...

Wow, if you bought a tray for each student that must be ALOT of trays you have in your class ;0) But I guess it beats having to hear "someone stole..." I know how frustrating that gets after a while. Great solution...
:0) Melissa
More Time 2 Teach

Ashleigh S said...


Yes!!! That was by far my biggest school expense of the summer. They better be awesome!

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