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I recently started cleaning out the files on my computer, which had gotten a little cluttered for me.  My dropbox was full, and I was starting to have a really hard time finding anything.  It was a little like Christmas to find all kinds of documents and forms that I had totally forgotten about!  Most of them are very classroom specific, but there are a few forms that I thought you mind find useful, and I’ll share these forms as soon as I clean them up a little.

I’ve found that it is so much easier for me to have all of my students’ contact information on one form rather than using the emergency contact forms we keep in our classroom.  I keep this right behind my desk, and it was so nice to have everything right there in one place.

I keep this form with my students’ contact information, because I’ve learned how important it is to document every time I make a phone call.  I was really surprised at how many times I referred to it during the year.

My students take home a folder everyday.  I spend home all of my students’ completed work along with any notes or handouts on Mondays, and I use the folder for homework, parent notes, any type of reading log or math fact log.  I use Nicky’s Folders, which are absolutely WONDERFUL!  I love them!  They are very durable and will easily last a year or more.  They also have clear sleeves on the front and back, which are very handy.

I like to place a folder log in the front of my students’ folders for parents to sign on Monday.  I do this because year after year, I would have parents tell me that they never received their child’s work.  This helps me to make sure everyone is taking their folders home and that parents are seeing their child’s work.  If I notice a couple of weeks go by and a particular student doesn’t have their folder log signed, I make a phone call just to make sure everything is okay.

You can click on any of the forms above for a copy.  I’ve left all of the files above in Word, so you can make changes as necessary.  You may need to change the font on the files, since some of the fonts won’t transfer unless it is installed on your computer.



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