Saturday, October 20, 2012

New Arrival

You've probably noticed that my blogging has been a bit on the slow side these past couple of weeks.  I do have a REALLY good excuse for my absence.  On Monday, October 8th we welcomed William Cooper into the world.  He weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and has a head full of hair.  So far, he has been a very laid back baby, which is strange to us, because my daughter was anything but laid back.

Riley loves being a big sister and "helps" with everything.  Just today I saw her "doctoring" him which made me a little nervous to say the least.
I survived my first week at home with my husband back at work, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  I'm trying to enjoy every moment, because I know how fast it goes.  I won't lie though...I can't wait to get a little more sleep at night and to find a daily routine.

Once I find my groove I hope to use my spare time (ha ha) to work on a few new products that I've been thinking about.  I've actually started working on something new that I've had several requests for, and I should have it ready any day.


Kristen said...

Ashleigh!!! Congratulations!!!!! He is just precious and so is your sweet big sister!!

Rachel said...

Adorable! Congratulations!

Melissa said...

He's such a cutie! That's a great excuse for not blogging. Enjoy your new bundle of joy!

Don't Let The Teacher Stay Up Late

4321Teach said...

What a cutie! Enjoy your time at home!


Sara said...

Congrats! He is adorable!!

Miss V's Busy Bees

Mailee said...

Oh so cute! Congrats.

Jeck Abao said...

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Kelly Hall said...

Congrats on your beautiful baby!!!

karen said...

You have a great blog and an even greater little family. I remember the days when I had little ones, and there are days when I really miss them being little. Enjoy it!
I am your newest follower!

teacher333 said...

Congratulations!! He is a cutie!

Diane said...

Congratulations on your new addition!

Mrs. Corbitt said...

Congrats! What a cutie!!! You've been BOO-ed! Check out my blog for more details.

:) Nicole
Tadpole Tidbits

Jaime said...

Congratulations! There's no better birthday than October 8th! It's proven to be a great day for me! Enjoy your little one!

Kim said...

Congratulations, Ashleigh!
What a sweet, precious addition to your family!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

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