Random Math

I feel like I’ve been playing catch up for the past couple weeks.  We’ve had several morning delays and an early dismissal that have slowed us down a little.  I also feel that I need to spend a little more time on fractions, but my curriculum map says that I need to be moving on to measurement.  So, I’ve been doubling up on my math lessons and squeezing as much into a day as possible.  I had to skip some of the social studies and science lessons that I was looking forward to, but I should be able to get to those eventually.

My new fraction manipulatives finally came in, and we’re spending a little more time on equivalent fractions and comparing fractions.  The manipulatives are awesome, and have been a huge help by allowing my students to conceptually understand the size of fractions.  I think I’ve taken this unit a little further than necessary, but I love giving my kiddos a challenge.

We’ve also been measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch, centimeter, and millimeter.  We went on a treasure hunt today.  My kids cracked me up, because they couldn’t get past why the pirate would burry his treasure where he did.  They were so caught up in the back story of the lesson.  They did great on the measuring, but we definitely need to practice north, south, east, and west a little.

I also have another short worksheet to share.  This is for extra practice on multiplying multiples of ten.  It’s short and sweet, but it’s nice for a little extra reinforcement.  You can click the picture for your copy.



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