One of my teaching friends asked me to make her a new poetry product for poetry month in April.  I haven’t made anything for poetry before, so after I made it, I had to try it out with my students.  I hadn’t planned on teaching poetry this early in the year, so it was one of those extras that I squeezed in whenever I had a second of extra time.  I honestly didn’t expect my students to really get into it, but they have become absolutely obsessed with poetry.  The beg me to let them write poems everyday now….to the point of making me crazy!  It’s a good thing.

I included a poster with an explanation and example of each type of poem, pictures of some of the poems my students wrote, and a template for a small poetry book.  The poems introduced in this product are: acrostic, biographical, cinquain, color, concrete, couplet, diamante, free verse, haiku, and limerick.

At first I was a little worried that I was giving up too much class time on poetry, until I realized that I could integrate poetry into almost any of my social studies and science standards.  Now, I’m using poetry as a review for social studies and science.

Here’s a couple of examples of what we’ve done so far.  We’ve used biopoems to review the historical figures we’ve learned about.

I thought this science couplet was cute.

It’s been so fun to watch my kiddos get so excited about this, and I feel that the social studies and science integration is making a difference too.

Now, only two more days until Spring Break!!!!



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