Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Behavior Incentives

 A while back, I was going through some of my old things at my parents' house, and I found an old incentive chart my mom made me for Christmas.  {Yes, my mom was a teacher.}  From the looks of things, I had been a really good girl that year, except for one little thing.  Eating my vegetables. I don't think I earned any stickers in that category for that the entire month!

I've never used an incentive chart with my own children and rarely do at school, but the idea stuck with me.  I still remember what a big deal it was to me when I was little, and I thought it could be a fun way help encourage some good behaviors we've been working on at home.  We started using it on Sunday, and let me just say that it has quickly become a HUGE deal at our house.  My daughter gets a smiley face if she does her chores, and we leave it blank if it doesn't apply to that day.  I'm not kidding when I say that she actually looks for things she can do to be helpful.  I think it's funny that the happy face is the reward, and she doesn't expect to get anything, and I love seeing her feel so proud of herself as she helps out around the house.

Since I already had the basic design, I went ahead a made a school version that I plan to use the next two weeks.  I thought that it may help me give my students a little extra incentive to stay on task and to have good work habits.

I printed mine out like a booklet, and it turned out to be really cute!  My daughter insists on drawing her own smilie faces, so I promise there aren't any frownie faces!

It was really easy for me to print front and back to make a booklet.  I just went to "print" and then clicked on Booklet, which is underneath Page Sizing & Handling.
 After I chose Booklet, I selected "both sides", so that it printed on both sides of the paper.  I found that it looked best on cardstock, but it would work on any type of paper.

If you'd like one for your own little ones, you can click here for a copy of the file.

If you'd like one for your classroom, you can click here for a copy of the file.


Katherine Hahn said...

These are so adorable! Please keep us updated on how the school ones work out in your classroom :)

Ashley Pennell said...

This is great! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

That's So Second Grade!

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