Sunday, December 15, 2013

Product Updates

Apparently my children have started a new Christmas tradition....getting sick.  Last year, my three year old came down with the flu on Christmas Eve (it was fun trying to find an open doctor's office).  She proceeded to share it with all of her grandparents and her brother (who was 2 months old).  We didn't go to any family events, and she could barely even open her presents.  This year it looks like we're going to go the coughing and fever route.  I just hope they can get over it quickly, because I hate seeing them so pitiful.  Needless to say, I've gotten very little work done the past few days, but I do have some projects in the works.

I want to quickly share about a few updates to some of my older products.  One of my updates is simply changing the dates on my New Year's Goals product.  I've updated everything to apply for the 2014 calendar year.


Another change I made is pretty major.  I've complete reworked my Buggy About Geometry unit. There were some lessons that just didn't apply to the Common Core Standards, and I saw a need to add new lessons that would do a better job of teaching the standards.  I also wanted to update the overall look of the product.  It took a little more time that I expected, but I'm so happy to have this new version.

There are six lessons that would be great for math workshop.
Then, there are seven worksheets and sorts to give students extra practice with geometric concepts.

I've also included an updated geometry booklet with revised geometry vocabulary.

 I kept the I Have Who Has and Geometry Concentration game, and I added a set of geometry task cards.

I hope to post some pictures of a few of the things we've been doing in class.  I've slowed down a little and had some extra fun with art project that have been more than a bit crazy!


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