Science Pictures and a Multiplication Freebie

What a week!  I feel like this week has absolutely flown by, even though it has been jam packed full of fun activities! I have to say I’m quite excited for a long weekend!

Earlier this week I did a weathering and erosion experiment using Skittles and an eye dropper.  The water wore away the hard outer coating and then the colored exterior ran off to show erosion.  It was so FUN and EASY!  Plus, I feel like my students did gain a better understanding on the concept.  I bought the lesson from Ricky Berry, and you can check it out here.

Then today I set up nine fossil stations for my students, and we had a blast!  There was a large variety of activities, and it was fun watching which students chose which station.  No one had time to complete all nine stations, so this would have been a great two day activity.

In one station, my students went on a Cookie “Fossil” Dig where they had to use toothpicks to dig for chocolate chips (fossils).

In the next station, students used a half piece of large construction paper to draw the steps in the fossilization process.

In the third station, students used plastic letters to make an imprint of their name.  I used Play dough for this station, and it was definitely my students’ favorite activity.

In another station, I had students complete a fossils sort.  I laminated the sorting cards and recording sheet, so I didn’t have to make lots of copies.  I bought the sort from Smart Chick here.

Students were also able to create a vocabulary graphic organizer that asked them to write the definition of the word, use the word in a sentence, and draw a picture of the word.

Students were also able to complete a little fossils inferencing activity, where they looked at pictures of fossils and drew conclusions about the original animal.

I had a book station where students read informational picture books about fossils.

I also had an Ipad station, where students could work on an ipad to learn about fossils.  They really liked the app Digging Up Dinosaurs.

The last station was another one of my students’ favorites!  In this station, students had to place bones together to build what they imaged an ancient animal looked like.  Some of the results were hysterical!  I found the bones for free here.
I made the recording sheet at the top of the post as a guide for students, and I also made individual station cards that I placed at each station.

You can get a FREE copy of the recording sheet, cards, fossils inferencing, and vocabulary graphic organizer here!

We’ve also accomplished quite a bit in math.  My students have been thoroughly enjoying the Restaurant Math task cards, and I love watching their menu selections!  I was also thrilled to see my students naturally estimate and round to find reasonable answers.

They’ve also been enjoying the Book Order Scavenger Hunt, which is pretty tough.  I’d say that was definitely my most challenging center activity!

I also created one of my new favorite things for TpT this week.  I made an entire set of multiplication fact booklets that will help students understand and memorize their multiplication facts.

I’ve made a booklet for the 2-12 facts.  Each page focuses on one particular multiplication fact and has students represent the fact in a variety of ways (repeated addition, array, and hundreds chart).

I also have a section, where students have to explain how many groups there are, and how many items are in the group.  I have no idea why, but this is such a difficult concept for my students!  They really struggle with it.  I’m sending these home for a weekly homework assignment, so my students will have the entire week to complete a booklet.  My students love them, and so do their parents!

You can get the 2 facts booklet for FREE here, and if you’d like to look at the whole pack click here or on the picture below.



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