Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hocus Pocus Part 2

We all know teachers are magic, but it seems that this time of year, our magical powers need a little extra umph and a maybe even an ABRACADABRA to get us to that last day of school!  So, I teamed up with some amazing intermediate bloggers to create some magic of our own!  You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, we joined forces to swap some of our favorite resources, armed with the goal of putting a little extra magic in our lessons and keeping our students engaged during these final weeks of the school year.

Credit goes to these talented graphic & font artists: Krista Wallden, KG Fonts & CC Fonts.

As promised, we’re all back today with Part 2 of our blog hop giveaway – the big reveal – viola!
I love this product! Seriously, I love it!
I used it as a warm-up for my science lessons.  I had my students keep it in their morning work folder, and they completed it in the morning before class started.
I made sure to choose science topics we had already studied so that my students would be able to answer the questions independently. I thought that the review questions were challenging, but not too challenging. I really liked that they forced my students to think about their responses. The first week I had students complete the Observations and Inferences Warm-up. Next year, I plan to spend a little more time teaching students HOW I want the questions answered, because I would like for them to be a little more thorough in their responses.
The second week, students completed the Properties of Matter Warm-ups. I was really surprised at which questions stumped my class. I definitely found a few things that I needed to spend a little extra time reviewing. 

I was also very happy that even though it was the very end of the year for my students, they were engaged and focused on the warm-ups. They were short and sweet, which helped keep everyone on task! But, they were also concise and to the point, which helped me review a significant amount of content in a short amount of time.  I'm so glad to have the chance to check these out, because I want to start the year with them next year!

Now to our second round of magic giveaway!  We decided to switch things up a bit by having several winners this time around!   In fact, 14 classrooms will receive a little magic for their own classrooms!  Each of the blogs featured below will be giving their prize to a different winner!

So, perhaps you want to know what MY winner will collect!  Whoever is drawn as the winner from my blog will receive
This is one of my favorite end of the school year products! It is perfect for those days when you don't have time to do anything other than print and go! Please tell me I'm not the only one who has that type of day! It is full of fun activities that students can do independently!

Here’s what you need to do for this giveaway:

Stop by each blog to read about all the magic that has been spread around classrooms near and far!

Enter to win each blogger’s resource using the raffle below.  Each blog is showcasing the same Rafflecopter, so you can just add entries as you go! 

While you are at each blog, if you’re not a blog follower already, sign on to follow!  (You can earn bonus entries for following all blogs once you unlock the additional entries.)

Again, a total of 14 winners will be named!   Each blog will award a winner.  That individual will receive the prize listed at that blog!

Here’s the list of blogs to visit: 
Swap Stop A
Teaching FourthTeaching with Blonde Ambition

Swap Stop B 
Fifth in the Middle

Swap Stop C

Swap Stop D

Swap Stop E

Swap Stop F 
One Lesson at a Time

Swap Stop G 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Well, friends, here’s the blogosphere sending a little magic your way this May! :)


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