Saturday, May 24, 2014

Updates Galore

I really don't know what's harder, the beginning of the school year or the end. I do know that the last few weeks have gotten the best of me. I've felt like I was barely staying afloat this last month of school, and I have a great class. It just feels like every time I turn around, something's added to my to-do list, and we've had to go out of town every weekend for the past several weeks. I finally got to get out on the lake, which is where I can always recharge. There's not much that makes me happier than a sunny day on the water!

I also got to see my daughter graduate from preK. I cannot believe my baby girl will be starting kindergarten next year!  I am so excited that we will be in the same school.  It has been such a good experience to see school from the perspective of a parent for the first time.

Along with all of my school craziness, I've been in a massive I-need-to-update-my-tpt-store-right-now mood. I haven't been able to work on anything new, because I can't quit redoing older products! This is probably good news for a few of you, because if you already have the file, you can download the recent version to find several new and improved things!

This is definitely the biggest update, because I've added a new assessment for each of the Common Core Standards. This means the entire product has doubled! I thought that it would be really useful to have two similar assessments for pre and post tests. I also updated the fonts and some of the graphics to keep it clean looking. The checklists and data notebook graphs are still there, as well.

The changes in this product are a little more subtle, but I've felt the need to update it for awhile now. I wanted a new font, and I wanted to incorporate some of the new clipart I've purchased over the past couple years. I really like how bright the new images are and how easy the font is to read. I'm hoping that it's also easier for my students to see across the room. I also tried to make the clipart align with the standards.

I made this product two summers ago, and I've learned a lot about math workshop and guided math since I created it, so I've made some adjustments to the content of the product. I've also taken a lot of pictures over the past two years and wanted to add those, because I think that pictures are a huge help for teachers! I think that this could be such a great tool for anyone wanting to change the way they teach math!

I have three other products that I'm currently redoing.  At the same time.  Go figure.  As soon as I have them ready, I'll share!  I'm making all of my task cards easier to use for differentiation, because I feel like that is the next big step for me in my classroom instruction.  So far, I'm pretty excited with the results.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! 


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I also saw Blair's Interactive Notebook info for 3rd grade and have it on my TPT wish list. Can you give an example of how you used her product for one of the standards?
I also saw Blair's Interactive Notebook info for 3rd grade and have it on my TPT wish list. Can you give an example of how you used her product for one of the standards?
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