About Me

Hi everyone!  I'm Ashleigh, and I'm thrilled that you're here!

I'm currently working on my 11th year teaching, which absolutely blows my mind!  I can't believe I've been teaching for one-third of my life!  I graduated from Florida State in December of 2002 and started teaching the following January at the ripe old age of 21 years.  I started teaching in third grade and was later moved to fourth grade, which I loved.  After three years in fourth grade, I was moved back down to third grade, and I'm still there today!  I teach in a Title One school that has absolutely amazing teachers and students.  I also teach in a school that doesn't have any textbooks and teaches through the workshop, so I had quickly had to learn to create my own teaching materials that would lend themselves to reading, writing, and math workshop.  

After I started teaching, I went back to school for my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction, and then I had the bright idea to go back for yet another degree.  I got my Specialist's in Brain Research, which officially makes me a big nerd, but it was absolutely fascinating to learn how my students learn.  I've since earned my gifted endorsement, which I highly recommend   I'm not the "gifted teacher", but it was a valuable learning experience for me.

My life outside of teaching is what keeps me really busy!  I've been married for ten years as of March 2013.  He's definitely my best friend and the only person who could ever put up with someone as quirky as me!

I have two children who are absolutely the light of my life.
My daughter is four and started preK this year.  I had no idea how she's already old enough to be in school!  She is my mini-me and has more passion, spunk, and enthusiasm for life than anyone I know.  Along with all of that passions comes a healthy dose of stubbornness and a bit of a diva, and I wouldn't change a thing.
My son is eleven months old, and he is the most laid-back little guy.  He's just so sweet natured and easy going.  I'm trying my best to slow down time so I can enjoy these last few moments of him being a baby.  There are few things that grab my heart the way he does when his entire face lights up whenever he sees me or hears my voice.  He's also a bit of an escape artist and gets out of his pajamas almost every night.
I could go on and on about them, but I won't.  Let's just say that these two keep my completely busy every waking second of the day.  Almost all of my work gets done after they go to bed!

I love traveling and would love to go to all kinds of places, but I want to wait the kids are a little older before we do anything major.  I also love almost anything to do with the water.  Give me a book and some water, and I'm a happy girl!  This summer I actually learned to wake board, which was good for me, since I'm the most uncoordinated person you'll ever know!


evamarie said...

I just found your site! I am also a third grader with a husband and a daughter. I love your idea about the monthly journal! Thank you!!!
Evamarie - Cleveland, Ohio :o)

Marlie Dominique said...

I just find your site, and i think, it's a good job. Congratulation for your work!

Eric Schloeffel said...

Hey Ashleigh, I wanted to contact you via e-mail, but couldn't find an e-mail to connect with you. I am down here in Brazil working for a software company that just released an app that is changing the game for teachers. It is spreading to classrooms throughout Brazil, from the small towns in the Amazon to the packed streets of Sao Paolo. Check it out, we want to spread this all over the world. It's called AniMoby. Here is a link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/animoby/id626158968?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2

Mrs. McHaffie said...

Hey Ashleigh! I live in Tallahassee (in my 11th year here). Do you still live here?
Beg, Borrow, Steal

maureen said...

Hi Ashleigh :o)

I am also teaching 3rd grade and in my 11th year of teaching (I'm a bit older though, as I took some time off to have my son) but I'm so excited to have discovered your blog. I've been following SunnyDays for quite a while and it seems FL is the place to be teaching! :o) I'm stuck in a "fidelity to the basal/book" district, but I try to get out of the box as often as I can without getting into too much trouble. I'm currently taking a Neuro-Education course sponsored by my district, so I'm hopeful that it is the beginnings of cracking the door to better teaching. Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to having the time to go back through your posts and see what I can incorporate to make my classroom better. I've already seen lots of good stuff -- thanks for taking the time to post and offer your products at TPT. I'm already getting inspired!

jennifer crawford said...

Hey Ash! I'm starting guided math/math workshop next year. Any suggestions for just starting out? Email me at jennifer.crawford@yourcharlotteschools.net or we can get together this summer if you'll be around. Ben and I are coming back with Mom and Bud late June and July. Thanks - Jen

Ashleigh S said...

Hey Jenn!
I'm sending you an email but wanted to reply here too, just in case my email doesn't make it!

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Sally Sanderson said...

Hi Ashleigh!
I was looking for some sites about parenting to get to know more about parental involvement in the children's school life and came across yours. It is really good, and I would love to say thank you.
By the way, I have recently created an infographic about parents helping kids with homework, thought, it might be worth sharing at your site. My contact details: sally.sonderson@gmail.com.
Either way, keep up the awesome work.

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