No More Boring Research Papers

Research Project Ideas

In this post you’ll find FUN research project ideas for upper elementary students! I certainly remember completing my fair share of boring research projects in elementary school. We go to the library to find an encyclopedia to take notes on our topic. Then, we would write a traditional five paragraph essay. Fun stuff! Maybe I’m

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Teaching Multiplication Facts

Teaching multiplication facts is certainly a challenge. I surveyed more than 20,000 teachers about their biggest challenge teaching math, and the overwhelming response was that students don’t know their multiplication facts. We’ve all experienced it. Some students easily memorize their multiplication facts, and other students memorize most of their multiplication facts but struggle with the

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow, my students will participate in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. We originally had a school-wide outdoor activity planned, but due to rain, I’m moving to Plan B. The goal of the Halloween scavenger hunt is for students to place the corresponding sticker beside each of the seven riddles. The trick is that students have to

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