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Help your students to develop a conceptual understanding of rounding with this rounding unit! Through these activities, students will develop an understanding of rounding and general number sense.

This rounding unit includes everything you need to teach rounding! Students will use engaging activities, hands-on lessons, and games to learn how to round to the nearest tens place and nearest hundred place. The detailed lesson plans are teacher friendly and written in an easy to follow format. This is perfect for any math classroom and can be used within math workshop, math centers, or guided math!

Daily Lessons and Performance Tasks

  • Pg. 5-6 Interactive Number Lines
  • Pg. 7-14 Rounding on a Number Line
  • Pg. 15-17 Roll and Round
  • Pg. 18-19 Rounding Riddles
  • Pg. 20-21 Rounding Problem Solving

Skills Practice

  • Pg. 23 Find the Multiples
  • Pg. 24-25 Rounding to the Nearest Ten
  • Pg. 26-27 Rounding to the Nearest Hundred
  • Pg. 28 Rounding Review
  • Pg. 29 Rounding Practice

Extra Practice Sheets

  • Pg. 30 Rounding to the Nearest Ten Practice
  • Pg. 31 Rounding to the Nearest Hundred Practice
  • Pg. 32 Rounding Sort
  • Pg. 33 Rounding Quiz


  • Pg. 35-36 Four in a Row

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