Nonfiction Text Structure With Holidays Around The World

Nonfiction Text Structure With Holidays Around the World

Nonfiction text structures (compare and contrast, sequential order, cause and effect) can be tricky for students to understand. That’s one of the reasons I like reviewing this challenging skill with these holidays around the word passages. It’s not what I use to introduce these text structures, but it is a fantastic review. Since my style […]

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow, my students will participate in a Halloween Scavenger Hunt. We originally had a school-wide outdoor activity planned, but due to rain, I’m moving to Plan B. The goal of the Halloween scavenger hunt is for students to place the corresponding sticker beside each of the seven riddles. The trick is that students have to

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Christmas Math Project

The only thing more fun than a math project is a Christmas math project! It combines two of my favorite things. You can find this Christmas math project here. You can read about my Christmas Fraction Project here. In this activity, students are invited to enter a house in a holiday decorating contest. Some students

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Thanksgiving Math Activities

These Thanksgiving math activities include options for differentiation and opportunities with math tasks and projects. These differentiated pages are included in my Thanksgiving resource. Thanksgiving Math Activities-The Cost of Cooking Two-step word problems are always a challenge for students. They require students to read carefully and think about what the problem as asking, which is

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