Decimal Escape Activity

Decimal Escape Activity

This decimal escape activity is a math lesson your students won’t forget. To be over-the-top cheesy, some might say it’s out of this world! In the decimal escape, students must work together to escape from outer space. To escape, students unlock a series of locks to acquire the extra fuel from the international space station. […]

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Hands-On Place Value

I like to start the year off with hands-on place value activities, because place value is the foundation for all other math concepts. It’s important to spend time on place value to ensure students are prepared for more challenging concepts. These place value activities and practice pages can be printed as a booklet and area

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Geometry Worksheets & Activities

When teaching upper elementary math, it’s important that geometry worksheets and activities are more than memorizing geometric terms. Of course, these geometry terms are important, but our instruction shouldn’t stop there. Students need time to explore and engage with multiple geometry concepts to develop a strong foundational understanding of geometry. Geometry Vocabulary I’ve found that

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Teaching Fraction Sense

Rather than titling this post “Teaching Fraction Sense”, I might should have titled it “Teaching FOR Fraction Sense” as it’s not something that is taught in a few fraction lessons. Instead, it has to be developed over time. Number sense has become a critical topic among elementary math teachers. However, the importance of number sense

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Fraction Games

Fraction games are a great way to provide engagement and learning support for students. When I think back to how I taught fractions my first few years of teaching, I wish I could go back and apologize to my former students. Yes, I taught the necessary lessons and my students appeared to understand fractions, but

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