How STEM Lessons Aren't Another Craft Project

Elementary STEM Activities

Before going into any detail on elementary STEM activities, I feel like I need to add a disclaimer. I like crafts. I have nothing against crafts. I’m only trying to clarify the difference between elementary STEM activities or STEAM activities and craft projects, as well as share ways to implement STEM lessons effectively in the

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Teaching About Space: Making Space Come Alive

Teaching About Space

This week completed our unit on space. I wanted to end the unit in a big way, so I dedicated an entire day to teaching about space through activities. I hung a space backdrop on one of my larger walls, which made a big show! Finally, I placed a space tablecloth on my two tables.

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Moving to 4th Grade

Moving to 4th Grade

Changing grade levels is difficult. I still remember crying my eyes out the first time I had to change grade levels. It was devastating! It’s hard to sort through years worth of blog posts, resources, and articles to find just what you need to get started. Since it’s such a challenge, I’ve written this post

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