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No materials? No worries! This is available as a physical version and a digital version. This means you don’t need any locks or boxes to complete this back to school activity! In this version, students must escape the black to school blues in order to have the best school year ever.

This project contains a collection of problem solving activities that can be used across multiple grade levels. Each of the four activities has a back-to-school focus (team building, procedures, cooperation, etc.) that will engage and excite all students. This is a modified escape room activity, since it’s the beginning of the year and students are still learning classroom routines and procedures. There are several editable options to allow the activities to follow your personal classroom rules and procedures.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Teacher Directions: Including a link to a detailed blog post with example set-up pictures.
  • Student Directions: Easy to understand and student friendly.
  • Clue 1: Students must all work together to complete the puzzle together. The pictures in the puzzle do not provide help, so this puzzle will be a bit challenging for students.
  • Clue 2: Everyone wants to feel respected, so it’s important to use good social skills throughout the year. For this clue there are 12 different social situations where
    students should work with their group to determine what they should do in that situation. When students finish writing their responses, they will bring the recording sheet to the teacher to get a maze that will allow them to find the 3-digit code.
  • Clue 3: Students will find members of their group who have completed the activities on the BINGO board and write their name on the line below the activity. Each group
    member must be on the board at least once. When students have a BINGO when they have 5 in a row, column, or diagonally. When they have a BINGO, bring you the
    recording sheet to get the Clue 3 code.
  • Clue 4: In this activity, students review some of their classroom rules and procedures. Students will circle the correct option for each of the procedures. The letters circled are the letters needed for the 5-letter lock.This activity is 100% editable.

This can be used with Breakout Edu boxes or with your own boxes and locks. If you do not have boxes and locks, you may use the digital version, where students submit their answers on Google Forms.

Total Pages: 22
File Size: 16 MB



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