Multiplication Fact Booklets – Improving Understanding and Memorization


These multiplication fact booklets can be used to help students understand the concept of multiplication, as well as memorize multiplication facts. There are eleven total booklets (2 facts-12 facts) that are each eight pages long. At the end of each booklet, there are two pages that can be cut out and used as flashcards. On each page students will:

-represent the multiplication fact on a hundreds chart
-write another multiplication fact using the commutative property
-create an array to represent the multiplication fact
-model using repeated addition
-identify the number of groups and the number in each group

Teaching students these multiplication strategies, will be a tremendous help to students as they work on math fluency and automaticity.

The booklets can be used as morning work, bell work, extra activities for early finishers, or even homework. There are two versions: one version will allow you to make front to back copies to save paper, and the other version is for front only copies.

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Total Pages: 92
File Size: 80 MB



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