End of the Year Escape | Print and Digital Options


This end of year escape room is available in a print and digital version. No materials? No worries! You don’t need any locks or boxes to complete this end of the year activity!

In this end of year escape room, students must escape the school in order to go on summer vacation. Escape rooms increase student engagement and to promote collaborative learning. This is a perfect way to culminate your year with FUN end of the year activities.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Teacher Directions-including a link to a detailed blog post with example set-up pictures.
  • Student Directions-easy to understand and student friendly.
  • Clue 1-It’s time to help the art teacher clean up her materials. She displayed word puzzles (rebus puzzles) on the wall, and before she can remove the puzzles from the wall, you must solve for the hidden meaning inside each puzzle. Write the phrase that each picture represents on the recording sheet.
  • Clue 2-Help your P.E. coach fill out the certificates for Field Day. You will need to complete the field day logic puzzle to open the next lock.
  • Clue 3-You will use some of your favorite books to complete the next challenge. You will receive library cards for overdue books. To return the correct books, you must determine which section of the library the book belongs.
  • Clue 4-Clean out your desk/locker/cubby…whatever it is you keep your things in while at school. To clean out your supplies, you need to match the supplies with the supply puzzle. To complete the puzzle, you should reconstruct the squares so that all of the images match on every interior side. Once you complete the puzzle, use the top three images and the decoder wheel to crack the code!
  • Bonus Activity-Match memorable quotes to the titles of popular children’s chapter books. Pick and choose the ones you want to use!

These puzzles are not specific to any standard or grade level. Instead, this version is centered around critical thinking skills.

This can be used with Breakout Edu boxes or with your own boxes and locks. If you do not have boxes and locks, you may use the digital version, where students submit their answers on Google Forms.

Total Pages: 27
File Size: 13 MB



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