No Prep Addition and Subtraction


Give your students FUN addition and subtraction practice with these 50+ printables!

No Prep Needed

All you have to do is print, and you’re ready to go! These addition and subtraction printables are a great way to supplement your existing math curriculum. These interactive worksheets were designed to be student and teacher friendly, because no one wants boring practice!

These worksheets were created for my students who need a little extra help with addition and/or subtraction. They were designed for a third grade classroom, but can be used toward the end of the year in second grade or fourth grade students who need additional addition or subtraction review.

What’s Included

Addition & Subtraction Booklets
Pgs. 3 & 4-Vocabulary Booklet
Pgs. 5-7-Types of Word Problems

Pg. 8-9-Basic Addition (2-digit))
Pg. 10-11-Basic Addition (3-digit)
Pg. 12-Roll and Add
Pg. 13-Spin and Add
Pg. 14-Error Analysis
Pg. 15-Spin a Sum
Pg. 16-Comparing Numbers
Pg. 17-Balance the Equation
Pg. 18-Missing Number
Pg. 19-Input/Output Tables
Pg. 20-Cut and Paste Equations
Pg. 21-22-Addition Word Problems
Pg. 23-Properties of Addition
Pg. 24-Regrouping Sort

Pg. 25-26 Basic Subtraction (2-digit)
Pg. 27-28-Basic Subtraction (3-digit)
Pg. 29-30-Basic Subtraction (across zero)
Pg. 31-Roll and Subtract
Pg. 32-Spin and Subtract
Pg. 33-Subtract From 100
Pg. 34-Subtract Across Zero
Pg. 35-Spin a Difference
Pg. 36-Comparing Numbers
Pg. 37-Comparing Numbers
Pg. 38-Missing Number
Pg. 39-Input/Output Tables
Pg. 40-Cut and Paste Equations
Pg. 41-42-Subtraction Word Problems
Pg. 43-Regrouping Sort

Addition & Subtraction
Pg. 44-Fact Families
Pg. 45-Mental Math
Pg. 46-Comparing Numbers Mixed Equations
Pg. 47-Balance the Equation
Pg. 48-Spin the Operation
Pg. 49-50-Addition & Subtraction Word Problems
Pg. 51-Spin a Word Problem

Answer Keys
Pgs. 52-77

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