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Give your students FUN area and perimeter practice with these 50 printables!

No Prep Needed

All you have to do is print, and you’re ready to go! These perimeter and area printables are a great way to supplement your existing math curriculum. These worksheets were created for my students who need a little extra help with area and perimeter. They were designed for a third grade classroom, and are all Common Core aligned.

What’s Included

Area and Perimeter Vocabulary
Pgs. 3-4-Vocabulary Booklet

Perimeter Only
Pg. 5-Find the Perimeter (with grid)
Pg. 6-Find the Perimeter (no grid)
Pg. 7-Find the Perimeter (non rectangles)
Pg. 8-Draw the Perimeter (with grid)
Pg. 9-Draw the Perimeter (no grid)
Pg. 10-Draw the Perimeter (non rectangles)
Pg. 11 & 12-Spin the Perimeter
Pg. 13-Cut and Paste Perimeter
Pg. 14-Perimeter Models
Pg. 15-Find the Missing Side (rectangles)
Pg. 16-Find the Missing Side (non rectangles)
Pg. 17 & 18-Perimeter Word Problems

Area Only
Pg. 19-Find the Area (rectangles with grid)
Pg. 20-Find the Area (irregular figures with grid)
Pg. 21-Find the Area (no grid)
Pg. 22-Draw the Area (with grid)
Pg. 23-Draw the Area (no grid)
Pg. 24 & 25-Spin the Area
Pg. 26-Cut and Paste Area
Pg. 27-Area Models
Pg. 28-Find the Missing Side
Pg. 29-Area is Additive
Pg. 30 & 31-Word Problems

Area and Perimeter
Pg. 32-Find the Area and Perimeter (with grid)
Pg. 33-Find the Area and Perimeter (no grid)
Pg. 34-Draw the Area and Perimeter (grid)
Pg. 35-Draw the Area and Perimeter (no grid)
Pg. 36 & 37-Spin and Color
Pg. 38-Area and Perimeter Models
Pg. 39-Comparing Perimeters
Pg. 40-Flower Garden
Pg. 41 & 42-Design a mall
Pg. 43-Zoo Fun
Pg. 44-47-How Many Ways
Pg. 48-Area and Perimeter Sort
Pg. 49-Area and Perimeter Word Problems
Pg. 50-Two-Step Word Problems
Pg. 51 & 52-Area and Perimeter Test

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Total Pages: 57 + answer keys (89 total)
File Size: 11 MB



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