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Give your students FUN multiplication practice with these 50+ printables!

No Prep Needed

All you have to do is print, and you’re ready to go! These multiplication printables are a great way to supplement your existing math curriculum. These worksheets were created for my students who need a little extra help with multiplication. They were designed for a third grade classroom, but can be used toward the end of the year in second grade or fourth grade students who need additional multiplication review. These worksheets are perfect for reinforcing multiplication strategies and emphasize conceptual understanding.

What’s Included
Multiplication Vocabulary
Pgs. 3-5-Vocabulary Booklet
Pg. 6-Color the Array
Pg. 7-Draw the Array
Pg. 8-Read the Array
Pg. 9-Draw the Grouping Model
Pg. 10-Read the Grouping Model
Pg. 11-Complete a Number Line
Pg. 12-Read a Number Line
Pg. 13-Repeated Addition Number Sentences
Pg. 14-Reading Repeated Addition Number Sentences
Pg. 15-Representing Multiplication
Pg. 16-Understanding Multiplication
Pg. 17-Color by Number (products up to 20)
Pg. 18-Color by Number (products up to 45)
Pg. 19-Color by Number (multiples of 10)
Pg. 20-Spin and Color (products up to 20)
Pg. 21-Spin and Color (products up to 42)
Pg. 22-Spin and Color (products up to 72)
Pg. 23-Multiplication Graphing (products up to 24)
Pg. 24-Multiplication Graphing (products up to 40)
Pg. 25-Multiplication Graphing (multiples of 10)
Pgs. 26-33 (organized by factors)
Pg. 34-Roll and Color (six-sided die)
Pg. 35-Roll and Color (nine-sided die)
Pg. 36-Roll and Color (skip counting)
Pg. 37-Skip Counting
Pg. 38-Comparing Numbers-1
Pg. 39-Comparing Numbers-2
Pg. 40-Missing Numbers
Pg. 41-Input/Output Tables
Pg. 42-Cut and Paste Arrays
Pg. 43-Cut and Paste Repeated Addition
Pg. 44-Multiplication Table
Pg. 45-Multiplication Word Problems 1
Pg. 46-Multiplication Word Problems 2
Pg. 47-Products to 25
Pg. 48-Products to 81
Pg. 49-Comparing Factors
Pg. 50-Comparing Multiples
Pg. 51-Properties of Multiplication
Pg. 52-Distributive Property

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